Abbreviation: RU
Population: 146,066,672 (2022)
Capital: Moscow
Largest city: Moscow
Regulated year: 2014 for Bookmaking
Estimated revenue: $458.93 billion
Gambling age: 18
Currency: Russian Ruble
Online gambling: Sports Betting, Lottery

Casino & Gambling Industry in Russia

Russia is known as the largest country in the world based on area. Given its large population, you might wonder how its gambling industry is. To give a brief history, gambling was initially banned in all Russian regions. However, in 2009, gambling was allowed in only four (4) regions. These are namely Altai, Kaliningrad, Krasnodar, and Primorsky. They are also referred to as Gaming Zones.

Russia is strict regarding the Gambling and Casino Industry compared to other countries. This is a given, considering it is the largest country with a large population. Controlling and Monitoring gambling activities should be firmly done. This is also why gaming facilities can only be established strictly within the gaming zones.


Although gambling is restricted in this country, Russians can still enjoy bookmaking activities. Bookmaking is legal throughout the country.

Online Gambling Laws in Russia

As mentioned, Russia prohibits gambling activities that are not within the four (4) gaming regions. Only land-based casinos within the gaming zones are allowed to operate. In addition to that, online casinos are strictly banned. However, some casinos operate outside the four regions in the guise of an internet café. Of course, this is not permitted by the law. On the other hand, bookmaking and lotteries are allowed throughout the country.

In 2014. Interactive Bet was introduced. This made a turning point in the betting industry as it established a legal basis for bookmaking. It officially became legal in 2019. With bookmaking legalized, licensed bookmakers may assume interactive bets with no need for a license. Bookmakers are also only limited to using one domain name and must disclose this. The domains should also only run-on Russian servers. In terms of age, the legal age for betting is 18.

The State Tax Service is the general regulator regulating the gambling industry. However, self-regulating organizations were established to regulate bookmaking activities. Bookmakers are required to join these organizations. Online gambling is also monitored and centralized through a system called TSUPIS. Transactions are processed and controlled through this system. It is also doubtful that Russia will welcome online casinos soon. On the other hand, online betting will continue to expand shortly, considering how laws are already established to regulate it.

Payment Methods in Russia

Although online casinos in Russia are prohibited, betting sites can operate and provide flexible payment methods for their players. E-wallets, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards are often considered convenient payment options on any betting site. Russian Betting Sites also offer the following payment methods in their betting sites.

  • Card
    • Master Card
    • Visa
  • E-wallet
    • Skrill
    • Paypal
    • Neteller
    • Trustly

Apart from the ones mentioned above, betting sites also cater to local banks as payment methods. Some of these banks are namely QIWI, WebMoney, and YooMoney. Local bookmakers accept withdrawal and deposits through these payment methods.

How to Bet Online in Russia

Online Betting in Russia is allowed throughout the country. Local bookmakers have established themselves in the industry and welcome new players every day. When starting your betting journey in Russia, the first thing you need to do is to choose an online betting site. Top betting sites vary in different categories. LV Bet is considered at the top in terms of new betting sites. Regarding bonuses, 1xstavka is the best while NetBet is the hottest Mobile App. In terms of the overall category, here are the top betting sites considered:

  • BetWay
  • Betition
  • 888sport
  • NetBet
  • Unibet

Once you have your chosen betting site, please create an account with them. Don’t forget to claim the signup bonus offered. Sports betting is popular in Russia, so you can check out some tips if you’re new to this. However, for players with a background, you can start placing your bets and wait for your wins.

Online Games in Russia

Although the online casino is prohibited, online gaming is allowed in Russia. Games like Multi-player Games, Simulation Games, Sports Games, and more are allowed. The only thing that they don’t allow are games of chance like Roulette, Poker, Black Jack, or any casino games in general. Online sports betting, though, is highly recommended and allowed throughout the country. On the other hand, Online Casinos aren’t allowed in Russia. However, if you want to play these games, consider visiting land-based Casinos within the gaming zones.

FAQ for Russian Players

Are Online Casinos in Russia safe?

Online Casinos aren’t allowed in Russia. Only bookmaking is allowed and considered safe since this is regulated and monitored under the Gambling Law.

How High is Gambling Today in Russia?

Land-based Casinos are only allowed to operate within Russia’s four (now five) regions. Therefore, the gambling sector in Russia isn’t as high as in other countries.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Russia?

Online Gambling isn’t legal in Russia but isn’t wholly prohibited. In terms of casinos, online casinos aren’t allowed. However, Land-based Casinos can operate within the four (4) gaming zones. Bookmaking, on the other hand, is allowed. Online betting sites can operate nationwide as long as they meet the requirements.