The modern scenery and passages here, like train tunnels, can be said to be Astonishing. Yet, Switzerland leads the world in terms of retirees benefits.

The country of Switzerland is one of the most expensive in the world. This country ensures that its people will have a good life. The products here are quite expensive

Basil and Bern are also famous here. They are museums. Switzerland country is a country where it has what is called calm, and peace reigns here. Here are also found the most stable and indestructible banks, the most accurate clock is found, and the highest quality education system. The buildings and weapons here are 50 years old.

Types of Gambling in Switzerland

  • Lotteries
  • Sports betting
  • Skill-based gambling
  • Small scale poker tournaments
  • Casino games
  • Sales promotion games
  • Gambling among friends and family

Swiss Online Gambling Licensing

The recipient of applications and processes for online gambling license is the regulatory  EINOSSISCHE SPIELBANKKENKOMISSION.

New gambling act approved to legalize online gambling for the first time last year 2020.

  1. Is online gambling permitted in Switzerland? YES
  2. Betting: YES
  3. Sports: YES Status limited
  4. Card Games: YES
  5. Casino: YES
  6. Lottery: YES -Status- limited
  • Lotteries are money games open to an unlimited number of persons or large persons gaming Act article 3 b.
  • Sports betting is a money game in which the winnings depend on the correct prediction of the outcome of a sports event.
  • Casino games are are the money games open to a limited number of persons, excluding sports betting skills and small games gaming act 3g
  • Games of skills are money are open to depends entirely or predominantly on the skill of the player article 3 only.

What AMG means: It’s Stand for Aufrect Melcher Grobaspach, One of the founders.

Swiss Law On Gambling

  • Gambling Generally is permitted, but subject to strict regulation, it is not prohibited to encourage people to gamble. This policy is counterbalance or fairly with the political expectation.
  • Those who offer big wins and good marketing strategies in gambling should be avoided because they are the ones who often work illegally.
  • Casino online 20 years granted license after 20 years period expired or elapsed.
  • Small lotteries or canton license single bet CHF 10 maximum of 100,000
  • Art 37 stakes of CHF 500,000
  • Art 40 mgo 50,000advertising may not be addressed to minors. It is subject to a ban.
  • can sanction prohibited promotion with fine CHF 500,000 art 131 MGA
  • The basic tax rate is 40%. The Federal can change the rate of taxation fee up to 80% art 120 MGA

Online  Gambling Payments Methods

  • Rate pay
  • Google pay
  • Sofort
  • Tweet
  • Amazon pay
  • Klarna
  • American express  visa  master card
  • post finance e-finance
  • Post finance card
  • Paypal
  • Apple pay

Best online payment provider to process online payment

  1. Mollie
  2. Payzone

Swiss Law enforcement Agencies

Vespa’s  Specialist the law enforcement agencies expertise to a phenomenon illegal lotteries and betting. Supports prosecution authorities in analyzing evidence filling police for interrogation of witnesses and defendants.

Remember that Switzerland doesn’t even have any Monopoly; two lotteries, many individual casinos, and casino chains. Excited to see what casinos are thinking, to be able to attract even more Players. We also look forward to creativity in business Partnerships with leading online gaming companies. The Details and other information about Gambling in Switzerland