Gambling and Regulation in Italy

We all know that Italy is one of the countries with the most beautiful places and historical places.
Many people want to live in this country, many tourists also come here because of its beautiful scenery that this country can be proud of.

The interesting law about gambling as a kind of a hobby of the people here in this country.
in ancient times the Romans preferred gambling in almost every game.

Nowadays, many Italians want to participate in games just like the lottery they want to participate in the most. They bet on sports and play different kinds of casino games for their enjoyment.
Gambling bats in this country can be said and considered fairly liberal, they allow all forms of gambling games to be played in both land-based and online environments.

In fact, if we compare the Italian approach to gambling the law in Italy is more positive and straightforward.
even say offered in a highly controlled environment, these types of entertainment are still available to everyone, Except of course minors, they are strictly prohibited from playing gambling in this field.
both local and foreign companies can apply for their desired licenses, such as land-based and online betting to operate in the field of such business, as long as they meet all legal requirements. unlike some countries in Europe,
they have a so-called single authority that has to control the market and is responsible for industry regulatory and issuance there is a single authority that regulates the market and is responsible for industry regulation and the issuance of licenses.

A Brief History of gambling in Italy

A.For the general idea
so many of the modern types of betting and gambling can be said to originate in the country of Italy, many say and consider that this is where the game of bingo was born. sports betting, baccarat, and many others.
The Roman Legionnaire players are known for playing various games of chance such as that only predecessor of backgammon Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum.

And in the following hundred years, various other immersive games such as dice and cards, it was invented by Italy.
Although baccarat flourished around the 14th century, after gaining popularity, it was brought to France and from there and throughout Europe.

B. The first casino in the world

The fact that the very first casino in the world originated in Italian, although the word itself did not become popular until many centuries later.

The ridotto is a house where gambling is held, the operation began in the year 1638 in the area of ​​Venice, Italy.
The guests there play card games, based and Biribi. The venue was opened by the so-called great council of Venice and to provide regulated gambling in times of cannibalism and to bring in a lot of revenue to the state coffers.

C.Private gaming club

After the government closed it in 1774, secretaries conducted gambling activities in private houses and gaming clubs so to speak. place of gambling and gambling. It was later reopened and renamed what is now known as casino di Venezia

Legal Landscape in Italy

The legal scene in this country of Italy is pretty straightforward indeed, at least when it comes to gambling and especially online casinos.
This country is divided into 20 administrative regions but they have no legislative or other authority over gambling activities.
All types of gambling, including land-based and interactive operations, must be authorized and controlled at the state level .and this is the most important principle in gambling law in Italy. It is clearly stated in article 1 that law no 496 of April 14, and year 1948.
therefore, even any activity regarding gambling is not permitted and will be considered illegal, while the most serious in law cases are considered a criminal offense.

Regulated by basic law and includes many provisions of the civil code and some of the specifics of the law.

Other gambling activities are also governed by the so-called second law, i.e., the regulations that have the national gambling authority Agenzia Delle done e Dei Monopoli adm. Under the law of Italian, the operations of Online gaming are only possible after obtaining a license in Italy. Both land-based and interactive gambling is prohibited for minor players.

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1. Machine
2. Tables Games
3. Video poker
4. Live casino


There are many online casinos that are actually going through a lot of problems about how to get a license in accordance with the law of Italy, why are they experiencing these problems? Many websites offer their services but do not provide good information. There are websites that provide full of support to explain and provide complete information on how to get a license through the Italian language.
Some of the gambling companies are large and operate all over the world, so you may know that English -language customer service support is available around the clock, but you should know that customer support is in Italian. is especially important not only to English speakers but the easier it is to understand the rules and conditions when written in the native language of the players, the easier it is for Italians to understand.

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